Growth of 3D Printing Companies

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Growth of 3D Printing Companies

A new generation of printing companies 3D Printing Companies are springing up cross the globe. Technology has moved forward with leaps and bounds. First came the 3D movies then 3D TV’s and now we have 3D printers, 3D scanners, and 3D printing kits and even companies like Nike and Boeing are utilizing 3D in their advertising. 3D has certainly given depth and reality to the advertising market but is not limited to advertising, it is used for many projects or end products from medical to architectural applications.

A 3D scanner as used by 3D Printing Companies is a medium of analyzing real world objects and collects data and it recreates that data in 3 dimensional models. A 3D scanner can bring the past or even just the environment to life as if it were in the real world.

3D Scanners used by 3D Printing Companies are used extensively in the entertainment industry in the production of movies and possibly even video games. Many 3D Printing Companies have used this technology in industrial design and prototyping.

A 3D printer as used by 3D Printing Companies is in fact a type of industrial robot that through various processes can make a 3D object of any shape through an additive process in which successive layers of materials are laid down through computer control. There are many industries that can effectively use 3D Printing Companies including architecture, biotech, eyewear, fashion, food, information systems, aerospace and engineering and even medical technology.

3D Models are printed models created with the aid of a computer aided package and can generally be purchased in 3D Printer Kit form from most 3D Printing Companies.

However to create 3D printable models is difficult for the average person and this reason has ensured the birth of a number of 3D Printing Companies who will come to your rescue should you require a 3D model of any description. Another method of 3D printing at 3D Print Companies is ink jet 3D printing. The printer creates a model one layer at a time by spreading a layer of resin or plaster and binding it in an inkjet type process until the whole model is complete. A very complex process and should only be done by a professional such as 3D Printing Companies who specialize in the process.

Initially there were very limited processes that could produce 3D successfully and proved to be large, expensive and far and few between. But today this technology is readily available through 3D Print Companies and is available to the general public. Printing has come a long way since the advent of a normal black on white office type printer. It has progressed exponentially and today there are 3D Print Companies who can meet most printing projects that the consumer may require. They are experienced in the various operational mediums that can be utilized to create the product that is required. They have been involved in the dynamics of this medium since its conception and as a result have hands on experience.


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