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Not very many people had faith in 3D printing when it first made its appearance, believing it to be just another fad that would disappear with the rest. However, it has become such an integral part of technology and how industries create their products that the latest 3D printers are starting to become more and more affordable for just about anyone to use. They are starting to infiltrate almost every field that exists, from entertainment, to fashion, to the medical field.

For example, one of the latest 3D printers used by a company called Touchable Memories is being used to help those who have become visually impaired. Through the use of the best 3D printers on hand, they have created three-dimensional models of photographs that they can touch and feel, so it’s almost like experiencing the real thing. This has been quite a breakthrough in helping those who are losing their eyesight in order to still be connected with those memories recorded in photographs.

Another such breakthrough is the use of the best 3D printers to build new body parts. The latest story is that medical scientists have managed to build a new ankle for a cancer patient, providing him with the foundation to be able to walk again. When the patient was diagnosed with cancer of the heel, it was recommended that he lose the entire leg. However, with the modern technology of 3D printing, which no longer has to be the case. 3D printing is capable of replicating even the smallest of details, making it perfect in the medical field for producing just about any part of the body that needs replacing.

Also in the medical field, along with creating new organs and developing new prostheses, the best 3D printers are starting to produce customized medication. Each patient reacts differently to certain kinds of medication, and it can be difficult to find the right dosage for them without too many detrimental

side effects. However, 3D printing provides the answers that pharmacists and medical doctors have been looking for. Outside of the filament that is used to contain the medications, which is harmless to the body, different percentages and doses can be programmed into the printer in order to insert the right level of medication for the patient. These details can then be kept on record when a refill needs to be made or there need to be adjustments in the future, keeping the patient healthy and well-balanced.

It is through the development of the latest 3D printers that such technology is at our fingertips. Who can say what new ideas and miracles of technology can be developed in the future with the best 3D printers at one’s disposal?


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